The Buying Process

Road to Ownership

  • Create your budget & start saving for a down payment
  • Know your credit score & take care of any debts or errors 
  • Find a Realtor ® who meets your needs
  • Contact a lender to obtain pre-approval
  • Start touring homes
  • Make your offer & negotiate the price or terms 
  • Get a home inspection to address any issues
  • Have an appraisal to get an accurate estimate on the home’s worth
  • Close the sale

Let Us Answer Your Questions

Buyer’s FAQs

As you can imagine, we field a lot of questions every day about the often-complex process of buying and selling!  Here are some of our most commonly asked questions!

Is now a good time to buy?

View Market Reports

The real estate market is an ebbing and flowing phenomenon, influenced by interest rates and home values. Our agents would be happy to talk with you about your specific goals in purchasing a property to advise you on the best timing to buy.

How much ‘home’ can I afford?

Check out our home mortgage calculator to get an idea of what your monthly payments would be so that you can determine if you can afford that home.

Calculate Your Mortgage

What do I need to do to financially prepare to make an offer?

Before you begin looking at homes, it is recommended that you acquire a prequalification or preapproval from a lender. This will give you a realistic price range of homes that you will be able to afford and obtain a loan. There are few things as disappointing as finding a house you love, only to dash your hopes when you learn that you cannot afford such a home. Another benefit to a prequalification or preapproval is that it provides the seller with a level of security that the offer you make is viable. 

How many showings will you take me on?

When it comes to showing you properties, our Realtors work for you. They will take you on as many showings as you want or need to find that right property. This is a task that our Realtors very much enjoy—the exciting search and joyful discovery of homes that uniquely fit an individual or family.

How will you protect me in this transaction since Alabama is a ‘buyer beware’ (caveat emptor) state?

We will guide you through the process of conducting due diligence to ensure that you are fully aware of the property that you are purchasing. These evaluations can include home inspections; wood infestation reports; homeowner association codes, dues and regulations; and title searches for liens or other encumbrances.

Helpful Hints for Buyers:

  • Obtain pre-approval before beginning your home search 
  • Avoid changing bank accounts, making large purchases, or new lines of credit after applying for a mortgage
  • Avoid depositing cash into bank accounts or co-signing loans
  • Explore different financing options like FHA, VA, USDA
  • Be prepared to make a competitive offer quickly
  • Make a strong but fair offer
  • Be a flexible negotiator
  • Lean on your Realtor®  who may have unique insight 
  • Look beyond décor
  • Rank your must-haves

Use the Calculator

Calculate Your Payments

Have fun playing with the numbers in this mortgage calculator to see what your mortgage payment may be. We always recommend that you speak with a lender about your personal situation so you can be best informed about your loan options and payments before getting started looking for your home!

Mortgage Toolkit GuideMortgage Information

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You have a unique story that motivates you in purchasing a home with particular traits.   Are you new to the area or have you been here forever? Well you are in the right place!  We are neighborhood experts. Tell us what you want and need.  We actually listen.  Request a personalized home search, or schedule a tour around the community.  We are ready to show you the possibilities ahead!

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