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I know what you are thinking. The author of this article is a Realtor, so of course she is going to suggest that
when buying or selling a home you should use one. Yes I am, but I would not be in this profession and be a
Realtor® if I didn’t think that I/we fill a need in this industry.
Buying and selling a house is not something most of us do every day. The general consumer thinks they know
how it works, based on the experiences of friends and family members and stories they have heard and read
on the internet. The internet has made much more information available to consumers, but not all the
information is accurate and should be taken with a grain of salt. The danger of believing everything you hear
or read can cost you money when it’s time to buy or sell a home. That’s where a Realtor comes in.
A Realtor® helps with all disclosures and contracts necessary in today’s heavily regulated environment. The
documentation involved in the selling process is growing dramatically as more and more disclosures and
regulations become mandatory in today’s litigious society. In the buying process, having someone looking out
for your best interest is paramount to prevent being taken advantage of. Hiring an attorney to review a
contract, is an additional cost that can be avoided and attorneys may not be well versed about the ins and
outs of current market situations.
Realtors® are well-versed in real estate practices and experienced in the entire sales process – buying or
selling. With local information at their fingertips, a knowledgeable expert can help a consumer get the best
deal and avoid delays or costly mistakes. They are a resource that can help you make the best decisions in the
Realtors® act as a buffer in negotiations with all parties throughout the entire transaction from crafting and
selling an offer/counter offers, dealing with repairs, appraisals, closing issues and the list could go on and on in
some cases. Having a concerned and objective third party can help the entire process stay focused on the
issues most important to you.
Realtors simply and effectively explain today’s ever changing market conditions and decipher what they mean
during the entire selling/buying process, no matter what side of the transaction you are on.
And finally, let’s clarify – not all real estate agents are created equal. A REALTOR® is not just an agent with a
license, they are a professional member of the National Association of Realtors® and subscribe to its strict
code of ethics. While there are license laws that regulate all real estate agents, the Code of Ethics takes those
laws and kicks them up a notch. It makes a difference.
Henry Ford once said that it proves that you’re smarter than they are when you hire people who are smarter
than you. The trick is to recognize when you need help and to find the right person.
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