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The city of Auburn, Alabama brings families, students, and couples eager to be a part of the city’s incredible atmosphere. From gameday Saturdays in Jordan-Hare to relaxing afternoons on Samford lawn, every aspect of Auburn is molded by culture and family. 

Thus, it is no surprise that the housing market in Auburn is not only large but moves fast. If you are a potential homebuyer in Auburn, Alabama, it can be easy to get overwhelmed, but you don’t have to do it alone. 

Here’s how realtors could be the key to buying your dream home from Porter Properties, an experienced real estate company in Auburn, Alabama.

Why–For Most Auburn Homebuyers–Realtors Are Necessary

Unless you’re ready to meet the demands of a real estate agent, you might have trouble buying a home. Here are a few reasons to consider hiring a real estate company, and how they can be extremely valuable. 

1. A Time-Consuming Buying Process

The search for a home can require constant attention, especially in a housing market like Auburn where you must act within days, if not hours. Add in scheduling home visits, conducting price negotiations, and navigating all the paperwork, and it could seem like you’re working another full-time job.

Which is exactly why it is one. Realtors work this full-time job so you don’t have to. They are constantly on your side and fighting where you can’t–answering questions, searching for the best deal, conducting price negotiations, and more. 

2. Knowing The Auburn Housing Market

Whether you are coming back to Auburn to raise a family or you never even left, you and your family may believe in Auburn and love it, but knowledge about Auburn only goes so far when it comes to the housing market. 

Realtors might have even more expertise than you, especially if you start looking at homes in communities and neighborhoods you don’t know well. From Auburn school districts to nearby amenities, realtors are often local experts and are well-positioned to help you figure out if a home or neighborhood matches your unique wants and needs.

3. Complicated and Regulated

Buying a home is not as straightforward as buying a car. When it comes to real estate, both buyers and sellers must follow strict state and local regulations

There is a reason that getting your real estate license in Alabama takes around 4 months of work including multiple exams, classes, and experience in the field. Then after all of that, comes the extraneous, but necessary, paperwork for every potential buyer and seller. 

For example, a purchase contract, should include precise contingencies that address whether you can withdraw from a purchase after a home inspection and whether you can move the closing date of a potential home back.

Which Auburn Real Estate Company to Choose

Ultimately, buying a home in Auburn, Alabama without a realtor is certainly possible, but may not always be the smartest decision. With the help of an experienced real estate company, the time-consuming process of finding and buying a home is easy. 

Porter Properties is a real estate company based in Auburn, Alabama that not only understands the housing market but even seeks to fulfill your wants and needs. If you’re looking to buy a house in Auburn, Alabama contact Porter Properties today!